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Evangeline has been lonely her whole life, always moving from one boring suburban town to another. But on her twelfth birthday, she finds her room full of snow, with a message written in the frost on her mirror:


Evangeline learns that she has a twin sister. They were born in another world—a wintry land of music and ancient sorcery. Now, someone is calling to Evangeline across worlds, and will stop at nothing to lure her back into that magical realm where danger lurks.

"[T]he quick-paced story packs plenty of details and red herrings to keep middle-grade readers, particularly Frozen fans, guessing Evangeline’s outcome . . . This blend of princess power, traditional fantasy, and bountiful snow is a win-win(ter) mix."
– Kirkus Reviews
"Rule has created a rich, entertaining world full of whimsical characters and places that will thrill young readers. Evangeline is a brave, inspiring heroine whose dawning grasp of her own magical abilities proves just as invigorating for readers as for her . . . [A] perfect adventure for the elementary set. Recommended for purchase where fantasy and magical adventure tales are in demand."
– School Library Journal
"[A] beautifully written tale brimming with magic, adventure and friendship. I wanted to jump right into the pages and go adventuring with Evangeline and her ragtag band of heroes. Hand to fans of Frozen or Princess Academy by Shannon Hale."
– Erin E. Moulton, author of Flutter

Behind the Book

Princesses! Magic! Snow! Sandwiches! Paperwork! I had so much fun creating the Winter Kingdom. I especially loved writing the secondary characters Evangeline meets on her adventures. Favorite: Mr. Morris.

The audiobook is read by the amazing Rebecca Soler, and the cover art is by the amazing Jen Bricking. This was the first book of mine I got to see in the *Scholastic Book Fair*! Dream. Come. True.

Do you like winter? What's your favorite kind of sandwich? Have you ever stumbled through a mirror into another realm?

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