SSS Wins Outstanding YA!

Guys, you'll never guess. Strange Sweet Song has won the 2016 NH Writers Project/NH Center for the Book award for Outstanding Young Adult Book!

I'm looming in the back here between Alice Fogel and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. WHAT. I KNOW.

Something I learned from this awards ceremony: Write Your Speech. Or at least jot something down. We were told we'd have like two minutes to thank people -- piece of cake, right? Yeah. Literally everyone else had all these profound things to say about writing and life. I was like, "It's too bad my mom's not with us. I mean, with us here. She's in Bedford at a gig. She's not dead." *clears throat*

Soooo. Not awkward at all.

But it was still an awesome evening.

#NewHampshire #award

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