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Jamison Sharpe is a little too perfect. Maybe he's a total con artist...or maybe Viveca just sees what she wants to.

Viveca North has worked hard—even obsessively—to earn her spot as valedictorian. But senior year, a new guy breezes into her class—Jamison is charismatic, handsome, and super smart. Rumors swirl about all his amazing accomplishments, like having his pilot’s license and posing as a cover model for Teen Vibe magazine. And everything seems to come so easily to him—unusually easily, Viveca thinks. As Jamison gets closer to unseating Viveca from the top spot, Viveca goes deeper down a rabbit hole of suspicion. She finds evidence and connections everywhere, even as she’s jeopardizing her own future and pushing away her only friend. But is Jamison lying, or is Viveca just seeing what she wants to?

This YA psychological thriller follows a senior class valedictorian who becomes obsessed with proving that a charismatic new classmate is not all he seems.

"An excellent read for any teen who is trying to unlock the mysteries of jealousy and self-awareness and searching for joy."
– School Library Journal
"Viveca's fixation on her grades at the expense of genuine passion or intrinsic interest, all while pushing away friendships, delivers a nuanced depiction of burnout." –Kirkus
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Behind the Book

There are bits and pieces of my high school days in there, but this book isn't about me. I think the character I was most like is Wren, kind of. Like, in my dreams. I was hugely into drama & music. Can't draw, though. My whole family can draw except me. I can draw K-9 from Doctor Who. That's about it.

Random fact about me: I LOVE video games. So much. (Tabletop games, too.) One of my favorites is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. And GUESS WHAT? Deva Marie Gregory, who voices Flayn, is the voice of the Why Would I Lie? audiobook. She absolutely kills it!

What's your favorite game? Are/were you a drama kid? What do you think of James Joyce's Ulysses?

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