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Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I'm Adi and I write YA and middle grade novels, funny essays, short stories, and plays.


I also edit. I love editing! Recent projects include fiction, nonfiction, dissertations, video games, enhanced books, and an anthropology textbook (go ahead, ask me anything about bonobos).


I earned my MFA in writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, and my undergrad degree is in voice. I used to do a lot of theater. I was also a member of, and a soloist for, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, which is the chorus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops.

I live in the Granite State with two and a half warring cats, a macaw, a magician, and a small but mighty flock of chickens.



Adi Rule is the author of Nell and the Netherbeast (Andrews McMeel), Why Would I Lie? and Hearts of Ice (Scholastic), as well as The Hidden Twin and Strange Sweet Song, which won the 2016 NH Writers Project literary award for Outstanding Young Adult Book and the Vermont College of Fine Arts Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Prize (St Martin’s Press). Adi has led workshops throughout New England for groups that include 826 Boston, the VCFA Young Writers Network, and the NH Writers Project. Her work has appeared in Hunger Mountain journal of the arts and NH Pulp Fiction anthologies. She also contributes essays and features to New Hampshire Magazine.


Fun/Boring Facts About Me

  • I get called Addie a lot. My name is actually Ah-dee. Nope, I'm not saying it wrong, and it's not just my accent. I promise!

  • My mom is a writer, too. We sometimes do writer stuff together. Find us over at Just 2 Rules Editing Services.

  • I collect things. Some of my collections are Garfields, Disney's Robin Hood memorabilia, and biographies of Napoleon.

  • I can't ride a bike. :(

  • I have never had a cavity. (Fingers crossed.)

  • I don't have my ears pierced, and the thought absolutely terrifies me. (I do have tattoos, though. My latest one is a secret love letter to my favorite band.)

  • I am left handed. Can openers are my enemies.

  • I love writers. They are the best.

  • And cats. Cats are the best. Even the scraggly, bitey ones. Same goes for chickens and parrots.

  • I volunteer for an animal rescue. Volunteering for animals rescues is the best.

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