Strange Sweet Song

Strange Sweet Song

St. Martin's Press

Music flows in Sing Da Navelli's blood. When she enrolls at a prestigious conservatory, her first opera audition is for the role of her dreams. But this leading role is the last Sing's mother ever sang, before her controversial career, and her life, were cut tragically short.

As Sing struggles to escape her mother's shadow and prove her own worth, she is drawn to the conservatory's icy forest, a place steeped in history, magic, and danger. She soon realizes there is more to her new school than the artistry and politics of classical music.

With the help of a dark-eyed apprentice who has secrets of his own, Sing must unravel the story of the conservatory's dark forest and the strange creature who lives there -- and find her own voice.

"A stunning debut, fresh, original, and utterly mesmerizing." -- Jenna Black, author of the Faeriewalker series

"Like an enchanting melody, Strange Sweet Song slipped into my soul and colored my thoughts long after the final phrase." -- Jodi Meadows, author of Incarnate

"A lushly woven melody of grief, arrogance, and hope. Beautifully written." -- Jana Oliver, author of the Demon Trappers series

"Strange Sweet Song possesses a fairy tale quality that is irresistible . . . Be careful of looking up from the page, because the dark forest is all around, and creatures with frightening appetites and old associations are circling nearer. Adi Rule dazzles in her first novel. Read it and report back if you’re still breathing!" -- Joseph Monninger, author of Finding Somewhere  and Wish

"Strange Sweet Song is as musical as its name. Lush, compelling, and atmospheric, it soars like the voice of a soprano." -- Sarah Beth Durst, author of Conjured  and Vessel

"Boarding school drama and paranormal romance collide in this promising debut…Compelling." -- Kirkus

"What really makes this book stand out, though, is the Gothic and slightly dark feel to it… I definitely recommend this!" -- USA Today’s "Happily Ever After" blog

"Music buffs will relate to Sing’s passion and insecurities, and readers who enjoy a good melodrama will be captivated." -- Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

"Rule’s promising writing hits the right note. There’s an opening for a second book, and it has the potential to be as sweet and strange as the first." -- Booklist

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My father says I’m a good girl, and he’s right. I don’t do anything bad. I’ve never stolen a piece of cake or killed an ash beetle. I’ve never wished harm on anyone, not even the priests who would damn me to Eternal Drowning. Not even the people who burned our house to the ground the night my mother died.

It’s a safety precaution. I can feel wickedness smoldering in my chest, balled up, writhing. Like the boiling water they pump out of the lake, solid lead pressing it on all sides until it sloshes and frenzies itself into steam, still trapped. I feel like if I did one small evil thing, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself until I’d laid waste to the world.

My father says I’m a good girl, and he’s right.

For now.

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